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Chicago Small Weddings and Elopements is an inspiration blog by Creativo Loft.  Here you'll see featured small weddings and elopements, inspiration for small wedding ideas and fashions, as well as spotlights on local artisans in the Chicago area (and nearby neighbors) who make lovely things for weddings.

Chicago Small Weddings and Elopements is an inspiration blog by Sarah Toulouse, events director at Creativo Loft.  This vintage Chicago loft space is private event venue, located 2 miles from downtown Chicago, specializing in small weddings, civil unions and other intimate events for 100 or fewer guests. Please visit our main website www.creativoloft.com for more information about rentals and services.  Or please fill out our CONTACT form.

Creativo Loft - vintage chicago loft venue for weddings and private events.

There are actually two blog sections on this site.  One section features actual small weddings and elopements, and inspirational ideas for small weddings produced by Creativo Loft.  The other section features goods made in Chicago, or our Midwestern neighbors, that are either specifically for weddings, or that give us inspirational unique ideas that can be incorporated in any weddings.  Other than posts related specially to Creativo Loft, all other content is unsolicited editorials.  While we may accept suggestions for editorial ideas, this blog does not accept submissions, outside advertising or payment for editorials. Thank you.