Chicago Elopement & Tiny Wedding Packages

Creativo offers Elopement planning and packages in Chicago. All packages include photography, officiated ceremony, and optional use of our studio venue Creativo Loft, or we can plan your services to take place at various parks or alternate venues in Chicago.  From there we can coordinate a customized package of services for you with options including flowers, cake, transportation, styling, props, and more.

Our standard Classic Elopements are for couples only, or including up to 4 guests.   If you would like to include more people, we offer Group Elopements with up to 30 guests. Both options have a la carte options to customize your package with upgrades.

Our Tiny Weddings and Group Elopements are priced for services to take place at Creativo Loft. They are similar packages. Group Elopements can accommodate up to 30 people, just start with officiated ceremony and photography, then additional services and time may be added on a la carte.  Tiny Weddings already have all-inclusive services packaged together, including catering.

For larger groups with more than 36 people, or more elaborate plans, please see our Casual and Standard wedding packages for up to 74 people at Creativo Loft.

If you are not sure where to get started, or if a small wedding or elopement is right for you, please see the Small Wedding Planning page for more information about our Wedding Planning Consultation consulting services.  We can provide you with in depth guidance to help you get started, and make an informed decision about what kind of wedding plan will be right for you.


Elopement for Two Starting Rates: $800 is our starting base fee for a weekday (Monday - Thursday) elopement with officiant and photographer.  Upgraded options are available for including a small group with up to 4 guests, weekend dates (Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays), and highly customized deluxe packages.

All couples may choose which, if any, services to upgrade on our private booking form. Popular upgrades, such as flowers, additional time for multiple portrait locations, cupcakes or small cake, small wedding album, and other customized services are optional. Starting rate is shown here. Exact fees are determined after discussing your specific preferences and details.

Elopements with 2-6 people may take place either indoors at Creativo Loft, and/or an outdoor location during warm months. During winter months, elopement ceremonies are available indoors at Creativo Loft, with the possibility of adding a nearby outdoor portrait location on the wedding day, if the weather is mild enough.  An alternate indoor venue may also be used, but additional arrangements and fees will be required to book an alternate venue. Or, if you have already booked an alternate venue, we may be available to provide officiating and photography services. For larger groups, please see the Group Elopement packages below.

For active enlisted military or recent veterans we offer a discount on elopements with 2 to 6 people. Please inquire about our military discount when contacting us. If you are stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station, please be sure to let us know. That is in a neighboring county, and there is additional information we need to provide to help you plan your ceremony in Chicago, which is in Cook County.


Group Elopements Starting Rates: $1600 for a basic weekday package for up to 16 guests. Upgrades are available for up to 30 guests, weekend/holiday dates, and customized deluxe all-inclusive packages. 

Group Elopements Base fees include venue rental of Creativo Loft, officiated ceremony, photographer, music, white wood padded chairs and ceremony altar. Upgrade options are available for premium dates (Fri/Sat/Sun/holidays); larger group sizes up to 30; adding time for couple's portraits at an outside location; adding flowers, light catering, cake and other additional services.

Base weekday (Monday - Thursday) package starts at $1600 for a group of 16 for venue rental, officiated ceremony, photographer, music, chairs and ceremony altar -- fees quoted are for services held indoors at Creativo Loft.  Customized packages with multiple services added a la carte can range anywhere from $2400 - $6000 on average, depending on the group size and specific services included.

***Please note, rates listed in the examples above are general estimates. The rates shown are either our base fees for minimum services, or upgrade estimates based on our typical bookings. Actual fees will be determined by the selections you make on our booking form, and will be listed on an official contract for you to review before finalizing your booking.***

For ceremony-only bookings for larger groups from 40-70 people, or similar wedding packages with full service catering and bar, please contact us for availability and a custom estimate.

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM or EMAIL for more information. Thank you.


Breakfast, Brunch, or Evening Packages includes:

  • FOUR HOUR PACKAGE: 1 hour for portraits + 3 hours for ceremony & reception at Creativo Loft

  • WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: 1 hour for couple's downtown location portraits, 30 min for family portraits at venue, 2.5 hours for ceremony and reception

  • CEREMONY OFFICIANT: 10 to 20 min wedding ceremony with venue officiant (outside officiant is okay)

  • MUSIC: custom programmed playlist with your requests

  • PERSONAL FLOWERS: typically bouquet and boutonniere, or same-sex wedding variations (flowers for parents and wedding party members may be added on with upgrade fees)

  • DECOR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: large ceremony altar arrangement and small table centerpieces

  • DESSERT: choice of 10-in round cake or cupcakes, plus assorted cookies and brownies (may upgrade to customize sweets)

  • VENUE DECOR: rectangle banquet tables, white wood chairs, vases, ceremony altar, optional accessories

  • CATERING: there are 8 fixed menu variations to choose from for casual breakfast, brunch, lunch or heavy appetizer buffet that are included in the regular fees, OR with modest upgrade fees, hot buffet options are available including:  Taco Bar buffet;  Italian Pastas, Sausage, Meatballs and Chicken Parmesan buffet; or Fried Chicken, BBQ Rib Tips and Country Comforts buffet

  • BEVERAGES: fresh roasted coffee, orange juice, sparkling apple juice, and iced tea (may upgrade to include assorted bottled artisanal soft beverages such as sparkling juices, infused flavored waters, assorted flavored lemonades)

  • RENTALS: standard white china, standard beverage goblets, glass coffee cup and saucer, silver utensils, and classic linens and napkins are included (may select linen colors and request embellishments such as runners or overlays, some custom requests may require additional fees, especially for any major requests for alternate styles of chairs, tables, or specialty furniture)

  • ACCESSORIES: welcome signs, buffet menu sign, card box, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, silk flower petals, cake stand and cake cutting set are available (additional customizing or personalized items may be upgraded with additional fees)

Tiny Wedding packages start at $5900. Actual fees are based on group size, up to 36 people max. Some details shown in photos were custom upgrades that required additional fees. We are able to customize the package with special requests beyond the standard options.

For larger groups - up to 74 - please see our Small Wedding Packages page for additional options.

Elopements are not what they used to be, and we are helping creative couples revolutionize elopements and small weddings in Chicago! Please contact us for more information, or if you have anything specific in mind, please ask for a custom estimate. Please include the number of people you plan to include and your requested wedding date in your inquiry.

Sarah can also coordinate a small wedding at alternate venues. Minimally, a $200 Wedding Consultation Meeting is required, and if you decide to book us, that fee is applied to a minimum service and coordination package. Please see the Small Wedding Planning page for more information. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.         What is included?

A.         All of our elopement packages include ceremony officiant, photographer for ceremony and portraits, and use of our venue Creativo Loft.   If your elopement ceremony is indoors at Creativo Loft, our standard ceremony set-up (pictured above) and custom music playlist is also included. From there we have a la carte upgrade options to choose from, or we may customize a package for you.

Q.         Are there decorations? 

A.         For indoor elopements at Creativo Loft our standard ceremony set-up includes our white wood folding chairs, vintage wood trunk altar, silk ivory flowers altar arrangement, and two 8-foot birch branches with rustic ribbons tied on the branches.  Upgraded decorations including custom real flowers, fabrics, and other wedding accessories and personalized décor may be added on for additional fees.  For group elopements that also include our upgrades for catering or cake/sweets, we will also set out 6-foot banquet tables with champagne gold table linens.  For outdoor ceremonies, unless you make arrangements directly with the Chicago Park District (and have a permit with them), no chairs or decorations may be set up.

Q.         Can we decorate ourselves DIY?

A.         Yes, at Creativo Loft, if you are bringing in any minor decorations that can be set-up in 30-minutes or less that may be included at no additional cost.  If you would like to do elaborate decorating, additional time may be added on -- if our schedule permits -- with additional hourly venue rental fees.  Candles must be in glass votive holders or hurricane holders that go higher than the exposed flame.  Or battery operated LED candles do not need to be in any glass holders.  All DIY décor must be approved in advance.  For outdoor ceremonies, unless you make arrangements directly with the Chicago Park District (and have a permit with them), no chairs or decorations may be set up.

Q.         Can we bring our own food?

A.         We do not permit any self-catered events at Creativo Loft.  Food is not required in our elopement packages, but if you would like to include food, we offer optional catered platters, desserts and beverages as a la carte upgrades.  We can also provide contacts to professional caterers and bakers if you rather work directly with a caterer to customize options for food and beverage service for your elopement. 

Q.         If our ceremony is indoors can we also go outside for portraits?

A.         Yes, our packages may be upgraded to add on extra time to include outdoor portraits in the downtown Chicago area.  You will need to make arrangements for transportation. We can recommend limo companies or other hired transportation services.

Q.         Can we play music?

A.         Yes, we have a sound system at Creativo Loft and can program a custom playlist for your ceremony and post-ceremony portraits/refreshments time.

Q.         What is parking like at Creativo Loft?

A.         Monday – Friday, streets/metered parking only.  On Saturdays and Sundays there is usually additional access to a nearby parking lot, and on Sundays meter parking is free.   We are also very close to public transit CTA Blue Line, and we are only about 10 minutes by taxi from most downtown area hotels.

Q.         We have a wedding ceremony permit for a Chicago Park District location for our group ... or ... we are eloping at City Hall Marriage Court or Cultural Center Marriage Court.  Can you provide officiant and photography only ... or ... even just photography services for our wedding?

A.         Yes, if we are available for the date.  Generally we are only able to accept marriage court type elopements if it is less than a month or so in advance and we still have the date open.  Depending on the date and complexity of a larger wedding group, the photographer may require a 4 hour minimum booking, so you may want to consider having some photo coverage carry over for your post-ceremony celebration, and/or have additional time and locations for your wedding portraits.  If more than 4 hours will be needed, standard wedding photography rates will apply.  If you are just looking for a photographer and like the photography you see on this website, regardless of your wedding size or type, please visit our photography website

Q.         What Saturdays do you have available?

A.         Elopements are just part of our wide range of wedding services we offer for 2 to 100 people at our venue Creativo Loft.  Generally, we reserve Saturdays for weddings that are using our services for both ceremony and reception, such as standard weddings, our Tiny Wedding packages or Group Elopements with a minimum group size of 24.  So typically we will have weekdays and Sundays available for elopements.  Occasionally, we will have an open Saturday available and may accept if it is less than a month or so in advance.

Q.         We would like an outdoor wedding, including a group of people attending; can that be included?

A.         Outdoor weddings are lovely, but not what we offer with our Group Elopement services at Creativo Loft.  Please visit the Chicago Park District website for information about getting a ceremony permit, their fees, and arranging any other services like chair rentals and such through the Chicago Park District.  If we are available for your date, we may be able to provide officiating and photography services when you book an outdoor ceremony location independently through the Chicago Park District.

Q.         Can same-sex couples legally get married in Chicago?

A.         Yes, same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since June 26, 2015 (United States Supreme Court ruling).

Q.         Do we need any witnesses to attend / sign our marriage license?

A.          Nope. Cook County does not require any witnesses. Your officiant is the only person that signs the Cook County marriage license.

Q.         Are the marriage license & certificate included in the package?

A.         No -- by law -- couples are required to apply IN PERSON at one of the Cook County offices, minimally 1 day in advance, but you may get your license up to 60 days in advance of your wedding date.  Cook County will issue the license while you wait.  There is one office in downtown Chicago, or five other offices in suburban Cook County, and they are all open Monday - Friday, but not on weekends.  After the wedding day you will need to order your marriage certificate from Cook County, they do not provide one automatically.  Please visit the county website for more information.

Creativo Loft is operated by creative event professionals Sarah and Giorgio.  We offer a wide variety of options for small weddings from 2 - 74 people.  Please visit our main website for more general information and more photos of our venue.

As an event producer, Sarah also offers event coordination for couples using other venues for small weddings up to 130.  Also, some of our couples, regardless of group size, will use Creativo Loft in collaboration with another venue, splitting their ceremony and reception between two locations.  Creativo Loft can accommodate either side of the day in partnership with other locations. Sarah has relationships with several other venues, including landmark parks, hotels, restaurants, and other unique private facilities.

All bookings, no matter the size or type, are subject to date availability. The busiest months in Chicago tend to be May/June and September/October, but in general April through December are in-demand months for weddings, so availability is extremely limited on weekends during peak months.  We may ask in our reply to your inquiry if an alternate date is an option for you if your requested date is unavailable.

Please note, Cook County, IL / Chicago requires a 1-day waiting period after the marriage license is issued, so please plan accordingly. For general information about requirements in Cook County, you may be interested to read our blog post How To Get Married in Chicago

If you are newly engaged and are not sure what kind of wedding might be best for you, please feel free to contact us and we can suggest a few of our options that might work, or you may want to consider booking an in-depth consultation meeting with Sarah to help you start with a plan that is right for you.  When contacting us, please try to minimally include an estimated group size and either the date or month when you would like to get married.

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM or EMAIL for more information. Thank you.