"Help! How do I start planning my wedding?"

Get a Smart Start With Sarah's Personalized

Wedding Planning Consultation

Recently engaged? Congratulations....now what?  Planning a wedding, or the thought of how to even get started, can be overwhelming and stressful for any couple.  Small weddings have their own unique set of challenges, since the majority of the wedding industry planning resources are geared to larger or "average" size weddings of 130 or more people.  Couples are increasingly planning smaller weddings, so you are not alone, but planning a wedding of any size can quickly start to feel like a second full-time job.

We specialize in small weddings and elopements at Creativo Loft.  Our elopement packages range from plans for couples only up to group packages that include up to 30 people. For small weddings, we can host up to 74 people at Creativo Loft. 

While we think our venue Creativo Loft is awesome, we know many couples have different needs and preferences.  For some, Creativo Loft might only work for either ceremony or reception, but not for both. We have collaborated with other venues to host one part of the day.  In those cases, Sarah can help couples with availability search and booking second venues in conjunction with use of Creativo Loft.  On a limited basis, she also can help couples coordinate small weddings at other locations entirely, when full service coordination is booked, and/or a combination service package.

We can customize a service package that includes venue availability search and booking, month/day-of coordination, photography, ceremony officiant, and then personalize with optional additional services from there.

If you already have your venue booked, Creativo's team - photographer Giorgio and coordinator/officiant Sarah - may be able to provide just those services if we are available for your date. Or, if we are not available, we can help you with guidance for how to search and book vendors that are the right match for you. We are also happy to provide referrals to reliable professional vendors.

How does this work?

Even small wedding and elopement planning can take a significant amount of time and careful considerations. We start with an in-depth consultation meeting to help you determine at least 3 different types of wedding plans suited to accommodate your priorities, interests, and group size.  We do charge a fee for this in-depth consultation meeting, which will generally take 2 to 3 hours.  If you choose to book any of our services - venue package, photography, or photo/officiating/coordination package at another location(s) - we will apply the consultation fee as a credit towards your total service package amount that you book with us.

What is the consultation fee?  $225

What happens at the consultation?

-- We discuss your interests to help you determine what type of weddings are best suited for your needs and preferences. There will be a series of questions we go through together to help you determine what elements are most important to you, and go through pros and cons to help you decide which options are most appealing to you.

-- Review what kind of financial resources that you have available to cover the costs of your wedding, provide guidance how to plan a budget, and how to keep track of spending so that you stay within your budget.

-- Prioritize by importance the different types of goods and services that you would like, or not like, to include in your wedding day. Review your priorities and how they match up with budgeting for various vendors, services, and goods.

-- By the end of the consultation, you will have at least three distinct types of wedding plans to consider, which have been narrowed down based on your specific interests and priorities. (For example:  1. elopement for two; 2. small wedding for 50 at a single venue; 3. small wedding for 80 at two venues; 4. larger wedding for 130 at one or two venues).  By the end of the meeting, you will have clear and organized choices for you to make a well-informed decision, and choose the best plan that is the right fit for you and your budget.

You may choose to book our services at the conclusion of the meeting, or depart to consider the options with your family and give us an answer within a couple weeks. If you choose to book us, we will be excited to move forward with planning unique and customized services for your wedding. But if you ultimately decide to go in a different direction, you will have at least gained a wealth of event planning education and insight from professionals with a couple decades of experience.  Either way, you will have a smart start to jump right in to your ideal wedding plan.

We generally schedule meetings Mondays through Thursdays between 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Occasionally we have Sundays available, but primarily we are working at our clients events Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (and also weekday elopements), so scheduling a specific date and time is required. We cannot accept walk-ins due to the unique nature of our business.  Please CONTACT us today to schedule your consultation, and please let us know which date and time you would like to request. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is not mandatory to pay for a full Wedding Planning Consultation meeting to just inquire about our services and availability. We are happy to provide information and availability via email or phone call, and also schedule a standard shorter meeting to discuss our services.  The full Wedding Planning Consultation meeting is a special very personalized service, typically 2 to 3 hours long, so please specifically request this when you contact us if you are interested.

Thank you!