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Small Wedding Idea: Backyard Havana Style Wedding

A shared passion between couples can be the spark of inspiration for a wedding style or theme.  Couples can celebrate Cuban heritage or love for Cuban music, dancing and cuisine by incorporating those elements into a backyard wedding. 

The decor can be simple with vibrant reds and blues of the Cuban flag. The table centerpieces can be simple with bowls or baskets filled with Jasmine, which is the national flower of Cuba.  The groom can find a great Fedora had made in Chicago at Optimo Hats, and the bride can wear a fun short dress for lots of dancing.

Fire up the grill for delicious flank steak, and other classic Cuban dinner delights, and don't forget the mojitos! In Chicago, Bombon Bakery can make a festive Cubano cake, and Classic Wedding Car can hook you up with a beautiful vintage car.

By just adding a few touches, a Havana style wedding theme is not too hard to do, and will spice up any backyard wedding.

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