Creativo Loft Smart Start Wedding Workshops

In addition to private 1 on 1 consultations, Sarah Toulouse offers Smart Start Wedding Workshop group classes at Creativo Loft in downtown Chicago. This "wedding 101" style workshop is aimed to help early-engaged couples learn essential organizing and decision-making tips for an informed and positive wedding planning experience.


Smart Start Wedding Workshop Class in Chicago

In our 3-hour intensive class you will learn the essentials to get started and stay on course with planning a wedding of any size, style or budget. Our instructor Sarah, a Chicago native, is a wedding professional with two decades of experience. She has worked with couples of all cultural backgrounds, faiths/beliefs, and relationship orientations; large weddings with hundreds to elopements with 2; in locations throughout the Chicago and Midwest region, as well as national and international destination weddings. Please contact Sarah for more information.

Class Details:

What does the Smart Start Wedding Workshop cover?

  • Welcome introduction
  • Where to even start? With the big picture: financing, budgeting, guest count, and prioritizing realistic goals
  • Why are weddings so expensive anyway? Is the "wedding markup" theory really true?
  • What is a wedding planner and do you need one? Learn the difference between full service, month-of/day-of, and venue event managers
  • Wedding planning is primarily a series of decisions; learn how to develop a process for making smart choices
  • How to deal with planning input from family and friends, and still keep those relationships after the wedding
  • Pros and cons of having family and/or friends help with event work, and still keep those get the drill
  • Pros and cons of DIY projects, plus suggestions for easy/sane ideas
  • Researching, choosing and booking venues - venues are not all the same, understand the different general types
  • Researching, choosing and booking vendors - there are reliable and talented professionals at all budget levels, understand differences
  • Communication and setting expectations with planners, venues, catering and vendors
  • Reading and understanding contracts
  • Why getting wedding insurance is a good idea even if your venue does not require it
  • Eliminating "perfect," "should," and "must" from your wedding planning vocabulary
  • When to embrace and when to ignore wedding blogs, magazines, pin boards, and online chat forums/groups
  • What to do when your personal world view, culture/heritage, religious/secular beliefs don't seem to be addressed by the industry
  • Making a wedding schedule with input from all of your vendors
  • How to get a marriage license, marriage certificate, and change your name
  • Questions and Answers, and meet and greet with other couples attending the class


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