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Military Elopement at Creativo Loft

When bride Jaime contacted us at the end of January she was in a bit of a pickle.  Stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station in northern Illinois, she was looking to get married before her military deployment started in February.  Going to the county court house was not an option for her because she was not allowed to be dismissed from the base on any day until late afternoon, which meant she could never get to marriage court before closing time.  On top of that, Jaime is a California girl, and her fiance Darrell was still back in her home state.

Until Jaime found us, she was so stressed about their dilemma, but at Creativo Loft we had the solution for this lovely couple.  I let her know that she could get her marriage license on Wednesday night when Cook County office stays open until 7:00 p.m. to issue marriage licenses. Darrell could fly in at least by Wednesday so they could get their license together.  Then, they could come to Creativo Loft after the 24-hour waiting period for an evening elopement ceremony and some portraits with a simple package.

Being able to help this military couple with an evening elopement at Creativo Loft was such an honor for us, and we wish Darrell and Jaime all the best.  She began her first tour of duty on the Monday following her wedding, and we thank her for her service to our country!

For more information about our elopement packages, please email Sarah or call/text (773) 563-0116.

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